Earth Day (April 22nd) cupcakes

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So, Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day and of course bakeries are celebrating it with cupcakes!

Black & White Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes with ocean blue and leafy green frosting are from Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique in Chicago, available April 21-23. A portion of the proceeds from Earth Day cupcakes will go to Chicago Gateway Green (not sure of the price).

Earth Day cupcake from Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique

Chicago's Swirlz Cupcakes (via Flickr) is selling these chocolate marshmallow cupcakes (not sure how much they are though):

Earth Day

I'm not sure if they're doing them again, but yet another Chicago bakery, The Bleeding Heart Bakery, was selling these organic vegan devils food and conventional vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla frosting last year (via Flickr). Does Chicago have a lock on cupcake ecoconsciousness?

Earth Day Cupcakes

And is selling these earth-themed cupcake caps (via Flickr). They're $1 each sold by the dozen.

Earth Day cupcakes from Crafster
These are via Craftster poster MissKerouac

earthday cupcakes

And April 24th is Arbor Day. Easy Cupcakes has a recipe (yes, an easy one) for making tree cupcakes.


Dots said…
Cute! They should taste very good!
Brenda Lou said…
Why don't I live in Chicago??? Sigh........
All About Cakes said…
Hi I just found your blog. It is adorable.I have just recently started doing cupcakes. Til now Cakes only have been my thing. Hope to be freinds. Visit me, we can exchange links. Fondly, DCRose
Anonymous said…
woot chicago! lol

:) im from illinois and now i feel the need to go to chicago, just for cupcakes lol

Happy earth day all..
those cupcakes look wonderful... I've got just the person for them.

Learning Earth Day lessons....
whether you want to or not.How one grandson taught his grandma a lesson in loving the earth.
Marcus said…
What a delicious way to celebrate Earth Day! Well done.
Porche said…
Lovely Confections in Denver uses organic and local ingredients too. We also use eco-packaging in addition to recycling and composting our food waste.