Ms. Pacman cupcakes!

Maggie Savarino Dutton of Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes sent us these photos and wrote:

These were done for a theme party, and our order specialist worked closely with the client (a Ms. Pac Man nut) to get the details just right.

I say: Coolest party ever! Seriously, I love love love Ms. Pacman.

Ms. Pacman cupcakes from Trophy cupcakes

Ms. Pacman cupcakes from Trophy cupcakes

And while not strictly about cupcakes, I couldn't resist sharing this video of me playing Ms. Pacman like a maniac at SXSW 2007 that my friend Dave shot of me. We'd just met at the party and he asked if he could tape me, and I said yes!


michelle said…
Now THAT is fun!
Lindsey said…
This is brilliant. So cute.
J Michael B. said…
Their so purty I'm not sure I could even take a bite out of those. I luvvv that game. I go to play it here: ms.pacman play.