Rebecca Taylor fashions cupcakes for Billy's Bakery

Rebecca Taylor cupcakes coming to Billy's Bakery

Fashion designer Rebecca Taylor has set her sights on cupcakes, creating two flavors for New York's Billy's Bakery, which is opening a second location, this time in Tribeca, very soon.

From Fashion Week Daily's Chic Report:

Just in time for Mother’s Day, designer Rebecca Taylor has created two cupcake designs inspired by her spring 2009 collection. Vanilla Twinkle consists of Billy’s yellow daisy cupcake topped with blue vanilla buttercream and a sprinkle of white crystal sugar and silver dots. Mocha Meow is created from Billy’s chocolate cupcake and special Mocha-flavored buttercream with dark and light chocolate sprinkles. The Rebecca Taylor Mother’s Day cupcakes will be available beginning May 1st.

Rebecca Taylor Billy's Bakery cupcake

Rebecca Taylor Billy's Bakery cupcake


Unknown said…
I love Rebecca Taylor's clothes... this is interesting.. however I felt that these cupcakes created lack a surprise / wow factor.. unlike her clothes ;o)
Sanity Fair said…
I've never visited this blog before - and let's just say it's a bad idea to do it after all the bakeries have closed for the evening! :)
Stefanie B said…
How do they frost their cupcakes like that? I am dying to be able to make my homeade cupcakes look like that. Sigh.