Burgers & Cupcakes: Mint chocolate chip, peanut butter and more

I didn't mean to blog that photo of my lunch from Burgers & Cupcakes, but sometimes that happens when I'm strictly iPhone-based. I do think it's interesting and a good lunch spot, because a girl cannot live by cupcakes alone (well, maybe for a little while, but...). They have various types of burgers, including veggie burgers, and salads, and pizza, plus what I believe is a greater assortment of cupcakes than they used to (but I haven't been there in about 2 years, maybe since our joint cupcake meetup there with burger blog A Hamburger Today, so I'm not sure if that's totally accurate).

I will probably be going back there for lunch today, since it's convenient and I want to try some more cupcakes, but here's a report from yesterday.

First off, I love that the iPhone sometimes takes these wacky photos - it's random, not sure why it happens, but my mint chocolate chip cupcake photo came out like this:

The two cupcakes I tried after lunch were the jumbo peanut butter chocolate cupcake (the only size they had it) and the mini (which is really more of a regular size, not mini mini) mint chocolate chip. The mini cupcakes are $2.50, will have to check on price of large one. I cannot resist peanut butter.

The peanut butter chocolate one was simple in a way, even though it was big. The peanut butter was just peanut butter, not peanut butter frosting, which in a way worked better. The chocolate frosting was very thick but not overly sweet, but still, a little went a long way.

What I especially liked was the marble cake, which was moist and delicious, and a little different to look at.

The mint chocolate chip was very minty, very sweet. I liked it, but couldn't eat the whole thing. The chocolate chip part was a little weak - there were a few on top of it and a few baked into the bottom of the cake, which, unlike the peanut butter chocolate cake, was on the dry and very bland side.

Sadly, the six I got to go must have gotten jostled because when I got back to the Javits Center they looked like this:

However, of the 6, I really liked 4 of them. I am not usually a carrot cake person, but that one I enjoyed (it had coconut frosting). I also liked their red velvet and the chocolate/chocolate (again, for those who want something rich). One of them, I think the vanilla frosting/chocolate cake, was way too sweet. Blueberry was okay, and strawberry I give a thumbs up. If I get back there today, I'll do more tasting/take more photos. Overall, though, it's a relatively fast lunch spot (my service was on the slow side, but I also wasn't in a particular hurry) and I like that quality cupcakes come alongside cheap and decent food. I'd love to see cupcakes in more restaurants and think people would be into having them as a dessert.

Burgers & Cupcakes
453 9th Avenue (between 35th and 36th)
New York, NY 10018


Jennifer said…
I love love LOVE Burgers and Cupcakes! It was my absolute favorite spot when I was in NYC a few years ago. The frosting was piled nice and high - reminded me of little elf houses. yummmmm this post brings back such fond memories!!