CupcakeStop cupcake truck cupcakes: a review

As I posted, I visited the CupcakeStop cupcake truck preview on 23rd Street in Chelsea last night. It wasn't as crowded as I was expecting; judging from all the food blog postings, I expected a mob scene. They were set to open at 6 and I got there right around 6:15.

This was their menu - they later added water for $1.

I ordered one regular size Oreo crumb cupcake and one each of the minis, total $5.

I tried the Oreo crumb first and it was fantastic, largely due to the frosting and the abundance of Oreo in it.

The frosting wasn't a blinding white, but more of an off-white, cream color and was very sweet and tasted like a real vanilla. There was part of an Oreo on top and then Oreo in the cake. I wasn't planning to eat the whole thing but I did, savoring each bite and eavesdropping.

One guy said something like, "So you're always going to be a truck?" People were a little amazed at the concept of a roving food truck. Someone put in a request for them to come to Brooklyn.

The triple chocolate mini cupcake, which I tried next, left a lot to be desired. I liked that it had white and (I think) milk chocolate chips but on top and inside it. It almost reminded me of a brownie...but not as good. The frosting was okay but nothing too special and I wasn't really feeling the cake. This one looked cuter than it was.

The red velvet was pretty good. As I've said before, cream cheese frosting isn't really my thing. The frosting was thick and creamy, and had red sugar crystals for a little added crunch.

I also enjoyed my Oreo crumb mini cupcake; that was an amazing cupcake, which I'd totally buy again. I look forward to trying their other flavors on June 3rd.

All photos by Rachel Kramer Bussel for Cupcakes Take the Cake. More photos on Flickr, will make them into a proper set as soon as I can.

And this isn't about the CupcakeStop per se, but Chelsea, get some Internet! I walked up and down that block and could barely, if at all, get a signal, so my photo postings were delayed which was very frustrating.

Follow CupcakeStop on Twitter to find out where they'll be next. There was also an article in CNN:

Along with a variety of cupcakes on different days -- such as strawberry shortcake, peanut butter and jelly and one described as psychedelic tie dye -- the truck will deliver gourmet coffee and other drinks.

After obtaining vendor permits and taste-testing nearly 1,000 cupcakes, Ekster bought a truck, hired a chef and set up shop.

Cupcake Stop's inaugural event was a private party for Jill Zarin of the TV show "Real Housewives of New York" on Tuesday at Hudson Terrace.

On the drive back from the event, "people were literally chasing the truck through Times Square," Ekster said...

Cupcake Stop plans to donate leftover cupcakes to City Harvest, a charity that redistributes unused food from New York restaurants and vendors to the homeless.

We should have our own interview about CupcakeStop prior to their official launch on June 3rd, so stay tuned!


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Please come to Puerto Rico.With this truck is awesome.
Mark David said…
Wow... I think I justexperienced a sugar overdose just by looking at your lovely pictures!Mmmm excellent recommendation. I stopped by today, and the red velvet was amazing! What I want to know is where are these mobile bakeries (Cupcake Stop, The Treats Truck, The Dessert Truck) doing the baking? Is it in the truck? Do they rent space from a commercial kitchen? Inquiring minds wanna know!!!

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