Exclusive Johnny Cupcakes interview!

YouTube is WAY too slow for the likes of me, so while eventually I'll get the Johnny Cupcakes interviews up on our YouTube channel, for now, my vlogging heart belongs to Vimeo. Yes, I'm probably a little too enamored of the fact that you can change the color of the type so easily. Anyway, more interviews to come, from the Johnny Cupcakes event and with bakery owners.

I shot this exclusive interview with the famed cupcake t-shirt mastermind Johnny Cupcakes (nee John Earle) on Saturday outside his Newbury Street store!

Johnny Cupcakes interview by Cupcakes Take the Cake at Newbury Street 3-year Anniversary Event from Cupcakes Take the Cake on Vimeo.

If you're in the Boston area on Saturday, go to his screening of The Wizard in Brookline, MA.


Shirley said…
This was really great for a lot of reasons--John is talking to students about entrepreneurship!
He's fun, unique and shares what he knows. I am so impressed!!
Continued good luck to Johnny Cupcakes!
Anonymous said…
I was there! I was the one telling everyone Barack Obama was inside. I saw the interview on Youtube(: Nice meeting you!