The turducken of desserts

It looks like these marvels are all over the foodie Interwebs now, and deservedly so. Doughnut-topped cupcakes. Will wonders never cease?

I saw them on Cakespy's Flickr feed, but they are via JustJenn.

Doughnut Cupcakes c/o JustJenn

Doughnut Cupcakes c/o JustJenn


Sara said…
We've seen bacon cupcakes...and bacon-topped doughnuts....I think I see where this is going o.O
twopartssugar said… pregnancy has me craving doughnuts and after seeing these...OH MAN!
O this look to good to be true... my mouth is watering.
Coco Cake Land said…
whu!! fill those with ice cream... or brownie... awesome little doughnuts..!