7 Creative Wedding Cupcake ideas

June is almost over, but since it's a traditional wedding month, I wanted to highlight some wedding cupcakes that have caught my eye:

Under the Sea wedding cake & cupcakes
Under the sea wedding cake and cupcakes by Seattle's Look Cupcake via Flickr - edible chocolate shells & starfish, sugar coral and sculpted sea otters

Scrabble Wedding cupcakes!
Scrabble wedding cupcakes (Scrabble pieces provided by the couple) by Retro Bakery Las Vegas via Flickr

Mickey Cupcake Wedding Tower
When I first saw this Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake tower, I thought it was for kids, but no, it's a wedding cupcake tower! by Flickr user obliviousfire

Wedding cupcakes
Dancing couple wedding cupcakes by London's The Lavender Bakery via Flickr

Miami Wedding Raquel and Chuck
This is a basic cupcake tower, but I love the presentation. By Miami's The Cupcake Bistro via Flickr where they write:

This tower is filled with oh such yummy cupcakes like: Gorgeous Red (Red Velvet cake/Cream Cheese frosting), Havana Desire (Guava filled cake/Cream Cheese frosting), and Panama Paradise (Almond cake/Cream Cheese frosting/toasted coconut). A small Gorgeous Red cake with beautiful Gerbera Daisies adorned the top of the tower. Scatter Daisies were used to arrange around tower.

ACDC Wedding Cupcake Favors
These AC/DC cupcakes are actually wedding cupcake favors, but still, so fun. Love the personalization. From The Perfect Cupcake (custom cupcakes) on Long Island, via Flickr.

"Marry Me?" cupcakes by London's Bake-a-boo, via Flickr (not technically wedding cupcakes, but still cute and, I say, on topic - after all, these people are very likely to have cupcakes at their wedding, right?)


Randi said…
Love, love, love the cupcakes from The Perfect Cupcake on Long Island! They not only look incredible, they taste AMAZING!