After Entourage set test run, Sprinklesmobile to visit LA beach cities next week

We told you about the Sprinklesmobile, from Sprinkles Cupcakes, and it's set to launch next week!

From the cupcake-loving Los Angeles Times:

Many of Sprinkles' destinations will be in the beach cities and the San Fernando Valley, far from the two Southern California Sprinkles stores in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.

"People have asked us to open stores in their cities, but we don't want to dilute the Sprinkles brand, so this gives us a way to reach those customers," Candace Nelson said.

Cupcake fans will pay a premium for the service. Individually boxed, the treats will sell for $4 each, 75 cents more than what Sprinkles charges at its stores.

The van, which can hold 1,500 cupcakes, will also hit some malls and places like the Malibu Country Mart. It will do Hollywood events -- it took a test run to the set of the HBO television show "Entourage" -- and will be available for hire by private parties.

Read the article for more details - interestingly, it's actually about mobile food in Los Angeles, but of course the title and photo are all about cupcakes...because they are the best!

And speaking of Entourage, Ari once name-checked Sprinkles Cupcakes. I'd post the clip, but there's profanity (he brings cupcakes to Dana's office and practically throws them onto her desk), but you can find it on YouTube.