Atlanta's Cupcake Charm Bakery

One of our favorite Atlanta-area photographers (and fellow cupcake enthusiast) Brian Wible took some shots of Atlanta's recently opened Cupcake Charm Bakery:

Here's owner and baker Cindy, in front of her bakery.

Some yummy-looking cupcakes, including the turtle, which Brian said was especially good. I love caramel, so I would have been hog-happy with that one.

I don't think they have a website (yet, I hope, because all bakeries should have a web presence!), and can be found in Marietta, Georgia, on the square.

Brian sez they have lots and lots of flavors, although they day he was there the selection was slim pickin's.

We hope to see more of this new addition to the Atlanta area.


Nicole said…
These cupcakes are beautiful!!
Shan said…
Yum! These look delicious!

What, have you found, to be the average cost for a cupcake? There's a local bakery in Monmmouth County that bakes absolutely delicious cupcakes; however, they sell four for $10. I don't mind splurging because I enjoy supporting local businesses and they certainly are delicious, but was just wondering if the cost was the norm.
Unknown said…
These cupcakes look amazing! Have you checked out Sweet Cupcakes in Boston? These kind of remind me of them - the frosting..
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Cupcakes! I would love to try the caramel. I live in Atlanta and will definately try them.