Cupcake Apron by Cupcake Provocateur

photo by Cupcake Provocateur on Flickr

This cupcake apron is for sale from Cupcake Provocateur for $32.99. I'd Googled them after reading this article.

Turns out, until about two days ago, right when I tried to place an order, they also sold cupcakes. Now, they just sell cupcakes in gigantic jars. So, um, I converted my order into one. I'm skeptical of whether a "cupcake in a giant jar" still counts as a cupcake, but if little cupcakes in jars (or perhaps, cupcakes in little jars) count, this does too, right? Or wrong? Well, I will take photos and report when my mint chocolate chip cupcake in a jar arrives!


lindsey said…

two different cupcake aprons and matching childrens aprons!