Cupcakes with Michelle Obama at White House Summer Vegetable Garden

There have been many news reports about Michelle Obama and the White House Summer Garden, and about the cupcakes that were served along with veggies...but alas, so far I haven't seen any photos of the cupcakes. If anyone has one or knows where I can find one, please let me know at cupcakestakethecake at

from Pamela on Politics at

First Lady Michelle Obama harvested 73 pounds of lettuce and 12 pounds of peas from the 1,100-square-foot L-shaped Summer Vegetable Garden on the South Lawn, with the assistance of 36 fifth-graders from Bancroft Elementary School...

Assistant White House chef Sam Kass said the garden has also produced beans, kale, collard greens, chard and herbs. I was pleased to hear about the kale and collard greens, two of my favorites.

Even the cupcake treats for the kids today kept the healthy theme intact. The decorated cupcakes were baked with honey instead of sugar. There was no contest between raw peas and cupcakes, however; the cupcakes won hands-down.


Snowmanlover said…
These are just too cute. We made our cake today for our third class and it was all mush and flopped :(
These are darling cupcakes!!