The frosting shot gets upgraded: Frozen frosting shots at Sprinkles

I saw a Tweet from Sprinkles Cupcakes touting free frosting shots today and was all, "What's a frozen frosting shot?" I mean, I know what a regular frosting shot is.

So this is what the Sprinkles publicist told me:

This is a new product for summer that is available at every Sprinkles location. Due to the hot summer months, they put a twist on the classic frosting shot by freezing them and are available in strawberry butter cream, dark chocolate butter cream, milk chocolate cream cheese, vanilla butter cream and cream cheese for $ .75 per shot.


Meagan said…
Sounds mouth wateringly delicious!!! ;)
Melis B said…
Mmmmmm...that sounds delicious on a hot summer day!
Stephany Benbow said…
Does anyone else think calling it a classic frosting shot" is just a bit... premature? I mean the trend just started for crying out loud. How can it already have anything "classic" about it?