Martha Stewart hosts cupcake contest: Vote now!

To promote the book that hits bookstores today, Martha Stewart's Cupcakes, the folks over at Martha Stewart Living Radio are hosting a cupcake contest and got other Sirius/XM radio hosts to create cupcakes. And Gawker made fun of them. But we won't!

You know which one's got my vote: the s'mores cupcake by Kim Fernandez, co-host of "Morning Living.

Mario Bosquez, host of "Living Today," is getting ready for his broadcast in Vegas later this week. He made an Elvis-in-His-Later-Years cupcake! Elvis is chubby and glittery!

Terri Trespicio, host of "Whole Living," made a gluten-free vanilla cupcake with homemade vanilla frosting. It's topped with sprinkles and a strawberry. Ta da!

And currently in the lead with 48% of the votes...

Paulie Kodila (producer of "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer") made a cupcake that's a tribute to the perfect cheeseburger. These Cheeseburger Slider Cupcakes were created using the tops of yellow and chocolate cupcakes. The cheese is rolled-out, dyed Marzipan and was cut using a small pairing knife. The lettuce is dyed shreds of coconut, and the ketchup is red icing from the supermarket. The top of the bun was sprinkled with sesame seeds.

These are just a few of them. Visit the Martha Stewart Radio Blog to see Jane Pratt's daughter's cupcake, sunflower cupcakes, our pal Frank DeCaro's contribution and much more!

Images via The Martha Stewart Radio Blog and Living on 112 on Flickr.

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