Michael Jackson cupcakes on sale in Austin at Hey, Cupcake


Had to update when I saw that this story has made it to the ABC News blog Campus Chatter, with a very unfortunate and, imo, stupid opening line ("It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, just if you’re chocolate and cream cheese. Well, at least that’s true for Hey Cupcake in Austin, Texas."):

“We had calls of people asking for 40, 20 Michael Jacksons,” said a worker who wished to remain anonymous. “We were wondering if we should pull it, but we love Michael Jackson too much!”

Karli Leonard, 21, bought three Michael Jacksons. Upon learning of the death of the "King of Pop," Leonard had what she described as a nervous breakdown, crying all day with her mother. But, she felt she could pay tribute by heading over to the cupcake place.

“I’m having a Michael Jackson cupcake every day of the week in his honor,” Leonard said.

From All Ablog Austin with the headline: "Michael Jackson cupcakes a local thriller."

Less than 24 hours after the self-proclaimed “King of Pop’s” death, sales of Michael Jackson’s albums have shot through the roof. But how many cupcakes can he sell?

A local pastry company, Hey Cupcake, says the “Michael Jackson,” a chocolate cupcake topped with cream cheese icing and chocolate sprinkles, is in high demand.

While Hey Cupcake’s owner, Wes Hurt, won’t say exactly how many cupcakes with the late pop star’s name they’ve sold, sales are surging.

“There’s been an overwhelming response,” Hurt said.

After hearing about Jackson’s death, Hurt mulled over the idea of whether or not they should keep the cupcake or drop it from the company’s line. But when Hey Cupcake’s North Austin location opened at 9 a.m. today, phones were ringing off the hook.

This photo by Flickr user swirlspice is from March 2008:

And here's a photo of the Michael Jackson cupcake from Hey, Cupcake in Austin by Flickr user kthread: