Strawberry cream cheese cupcakes at sugar Sweet sunshine

These were a fun surprise on Saturday at sugar Sweet sunshine, a
cupcake flavor I'd never seen there before.. More about them and my
NYC weekend cupcake eating soon. I didn't make it to Kansas City (if
you want to get where you're going, don't fly Delta) but will be going
in August and have several cupcake companies to try. Thanks for all
the KC tips.


Unknown said…
Oh, do I have Kansas City cupcake tips for you! I would love the chance to meet you in August!!! I will send you an e-mail soon and try to get something arranged (if that is possible). I am just starting out in my cupcake adventures - and have many plans in mind. I think I have tried every cupcake in the KC metro area. Can't wait for your trip! :)
Daisypicker5 said…
MMM those look good!! I made red velvet cup cakes this weekend using this recipe and I made them with cream cheese frosting. Was delicious!!