Sweet City Cupcakes makes a cross state delivery to a very special military wife

How heartwarming is this story, about a man stationed in Iraq who got cupcakes delivered to his wife? It's by Kansas City, Missouri company Sweet City Cupcakes. Aww...and I'm going to be in Kansas City June 26-27 so am going to get to do a taste test and interview. You can also find Sweet City Cupcakes via their blog and on Twitter.

Sometimes people ask me, in kindof an arrogant tone, "So you have a site all about cupcakes?" Like cupcakes don't matter or are just some frivolous dessert. I don't necessarily think cupcakes can save the world but they DO, indeed, make people happy, very much so. This is a story of that, of cupcakes used to send a very personal, loving message. And I for one think that's beautiful.


Anonymous said…
Hey I saw that story!!

You are going to be in KC? OH MY how I'd love to do a cupcake tour, do you take tag-a-longs?

;) amy
Unknown said…
I would also like to do the "Cupcake Tour"!
I've had Sweet City Cupcakes at evemts I've hosted & been to. The buzz around the cupcakes is always the same....delicious. A tribute to starting with quality, organic ingredients.
Dana in Fairway