Amazing Twilight cupcakes for charity by Ivy Bakery

Twilight cupcakes by Ivy Bakery (via Flickr)

You may remember that Brooklyn's Ivy Bakery made The Breakfast Club cupcakes for charity recently, as part of an ongoing movie cupcake series. Well, owner Daniellan Louie's latest venture into movie cupcakes was these stunning Twilight cupcakes. Next up will be The Princess Bride. Follow Ivy Bakery on Twitter for the latest.

These cupcakes were $10.50 each BUT please note how creative and fun they are and that proceeds were going to Food Bank for New York City. Here's what Daniellan posted on Facebook:

Sold as a complete set at $250 or half set at $125 (can't pick and choose though) 10% of this sale will be going to the Food Bank for New York City, that's over 120 meals this set will provide. This is the only set I'm making. If not sold by Sat Jun 27th, each cupcake will be sold individually on Sun Jun 28th for $10.50 each with 10% still going to the Food Bank!

Sadly, not all the cupcakes were sold, so we'll be giving you some advance warning on The Princess Bride ones. I'm sure a movie with a cult following like that will have people lining up, plus it's for a good cause.

I must admit that, like many other must-see movies...I haven't seen Twilight, or read the book(s), but I know the basic plot. So apologies if these are out of order. These are truly stunning and creative!

The captions are by Ivy Bakery from Flickr, make sure to check out the complete set of 26 photos in the Ivy Bakery Twilight cupcake photos for all the explanations!

Scene: Bella and Jacob used to make mud pies together as kids.

Cupcake: Chocolate with chocolate mousse (as the ice cream) topped with an Oreo.

Scene: When Bella leaves Phoenix, her mom, Phil to live with her dad.

Cupcake: Vanilla with vanilla buttercream and brown sugar.

Scene: Each set of fangs represent one of the nomads, James, Laurent, and Victoria. James has flames on his fangs as he is dismembered and burned in the end.

Cupcake: Red velvet with vanilla buttercream.

Scene: Probably the most famous line from the movie "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"

Cupcake: Vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Scene: Bella orders mushroom ravioli at dinner with Edward and learns he can read minds.

Cupcake: Vanilla with vanilla butercream and merengues.

Scene: At La Push, Bella learns about Jacob's tribe being decendants of wolves.

Cupcake: Chocolate with chocolate buttercream, marshmallows, M&M's, jelly bean and fruit tape.

Which one's your favorite? I have to say I think the mud pie...because that's the one I'd most like to eat!

Made by:

Ivy Bakery
278 87th St (Off 3rd Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11209
mail at


Jen said…
I'm such a Twilight fan! I would devour these cupcakes!!! If interested, check out today's post on Haute Whimsy ... Twilight related!
Love Your Cake said…
wow - that is the most creative thing I have seen as far as Twilight cupcakes go! I love it!
Missy said…
neato cupcakes.. but $10.50 and only 10% of that going to charity?? maybe the princess bride ones will sell better if more goes to charity...

or maybe i'm just cheap.. :)
Gpattinson said…
These are awesome!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT!