Cupcake Truck Buttercream hits Philadelphia July 20th!

This just in from - another cupcake truck!

Starting on July 20, a catering company called Buttercream will hit the streets of Philadelphia with a cupcake truck. That's right -- a truck that delivers cupcakes.

According to the company website, the "Cupcake Truck" used to be a mail truck, but it'll be spruced up to cater to events such as parties, weddings, store openings or whatever customers can dream up.

Oh, and delivery is free!

If you'd like to hire the Cupcake Truck to appear (and delight guests) at your next gathering? Call Buttercream at 267-505-7486 or email

And this is their latest Tweet:

Give me suggestions for the Cupcake Truck song. I was thinking "The Sweetest Thing" by U2. Will Bono give me the rights?

All images via Buttercream website.

From their about page:

Buttercream was born out of a dissatisfaction with store bought treats and a craving for fresh confections made with love.

Buttercream uses only fresh ingredients like fresh cream butter, dark chocolate and whole eggs to give our treats the best possible taste.

They offer a good variety of flavors:


Yellow Marble Dark Chocolate

Gingerbread Lemon Zucchini

Orange Spice Milk Chocolate

Carrot Red Velvet Brownie

Coconut Pumpkin Choc. Chip

Peanut Butter


Buttercream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon)

Whipped Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon)

Cream Cheese (Vanilla, Cinnamon, Strawberry)

Chocolate Ganache (This is to die for, bittersweet chocolate)

Peanut Butter

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Janelle said…
mmm...yummy! I wonder if they have cupcake trucks in SoCal...gotta find one!