Hilary Duff brings cupcakes to Gossip Girl cast

Hilary Duff is the latest celebrity cupcake fan, according to New York Post blog Popwrap:

In a bid to win over the cast during her guest stint, Hilary brought them all cupcakes. "She was coming into a tight-knit group; she wanted to get off on the right foot," a source tells the mag.

They go on to remind us all that Katie Holmes brought the same sweet treat to the set of "Mad Money" in a bid to make friends.

But unlike Katie, who had Queen Latifah on the receiving end of the sugary treat, Hilary was gifting size 0 Blake Lively and Leighton Meester with the caloric confection. A gift that I'm sure ended up in the trash whether it was eaten first or not.

While they took a snarky tone, we know that in fact Blake Lively is obsessed with cupcakes, specifically, Sprinkles Cupcakes, so I'm sure she was thrilled. In fact, Blake Lively is a one-woman campaignt to bring Sprinkles to New York, according to JustJared:

I visit Sprinkles.com everyday,” Blake told JustJared.com. “I have to vote for them [to bring Sprinkles to the Big Apple] but I have to change my email address each time because you can only enter a vote with one email address. So everyone, please go vote for New York!”

Open letter to Blake Lively: We would love to interview you about your cupcake fandom!


man, i wish i could visit a cupcakery every day and still be a size 'O,' sheesh. Jealous, I must say!