Margarita cupcake at Crushcakes Cupcakery

The new Crushcakes Cupcakery (Santa Barbara, CA) newsletter arrived yesterday and featured their margarita cupcake - looks delicious. Sign up for their newsletter on their site, the latest one had a buy 3, get 1 free coupon.

They also sell "make cupcakes not war" bumper stickers and do mail order cupcakes and delivery.

As a reader, I also really appreciate that their blog isn't just "why my cupcakes are so great," but offers an actual behind-the-scenes look at what running a bakery is like, warts and all.

Here's a little bit of blog honesty from a bakery owner that I think we can all appreciate:

I am not quite sure what the correct response should be when people tell me about other cupcakeries, bakeries or other perceived competition that is opening somewhere near Crushcakes or the cafe. This actually happens more often then you might think. Do they want to see me get upset and shout in anger, “Why would they do that? Don’t they realize I already own the market on all cupcakes and baked goods in Santa Barbara?!?” Then transform into a jealous rage, “But a store selling only cupcakes is all my idea! There has never been an idea quite like this in the past nor will there ever be again in the future! Who do they think they are? Don’t they know this is my town and I own it all!!! I shall monopolize the entire baking market and not share it with anyone!”

Or maybe they hope I will get so sad that I just loose control and break down crying and sobbing, “No, please no. Not this! I can’t handle another bakery opening in this town. It will kill me. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life! Please dear God if you love me at all you wouldn’t do this to me!”

Of course none of this is really how I feel. Here is what I truly think about the situation. I could not possibly own the market on cupcakes and all baked goods here Santa Barbara, no matter how much I would love to. No I take that back. I really would not love to. Could you imagine the pressure if I was the only one? I would have to be the best and most perfect at everything I did at all times. Or maybe it would be the opposite and I wouldn’t care at all because why would I? Where else are you going to go to get your baked goods? And then you would all get so sick of me and the lack of diversity in your life that you couldn’t stand it any more.