Next Meetup: Cupcake Picnic and Delicious Sandwich Social

butter pecan cupcakes from Ivy bakery

Make your calendars for Sunday, August 9 at 3PM for cupcakes, sandwiches and frivolity. This is our third year collaborating with Jon Friedman for the Delicious Sandwich Social. What is the Delicious Sandwich Social?! Basically, it is like "Secret Santa" for sandwiches at a picnic in a park. Fun! RSVP here on our Cupcake Meetup page.

There will be plenty of cupcakes as well. I am bringing a few dozen, and feel free bring some to share.

LOCATION: Near The Picnic House @ Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Take the F/G to 7th Avenue stop in Brooklyn. We'll be near a big tree under the shade.
Follow Cupcake Blog on Twitter day of event for updates.


1. Bring one FULL delicious sandwich (cut in half) with you to the park.

2. Label and submit one half of your sandwich to the DSS advisory board (Jon, Nichelle, Rachel).

3. Sandwiches will be labeled with the name of submitter and the kind of sandwich (vegetarian, meat,vegan, pescetarian).

4. Every participant will get one half of another participant's sandwich submission and keep the other half of their own. Numbers will be pulled at the social for sandwich halves.

5. One lucky random sandwich half will contain THE GOLDEN TICKET redeemable
for the Delicious Sandwich Social prize package.

6. Cupcakes Take the Cake will be providing cupcakes but feel free your own cupcakes to share.

7. Enjoy your sandwiches, meet the person who's sandwich you've eaten, eat a cupcake and have some fun!

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Lori Stoia said…
I wish I could attend, it sounds like fun.

I have never heard of the term pescetarian before and wound up looking it up. I guess I fall into that category.
~K~ said…
That sounds like so much fun...something I would love to try and do here with friends...! I almost feel like taking a drive from PA to NY for this...! Have fun and can't wait to hear all about it, take pics and post....