Spotlight on Cupcake by Design, custom cupcakes in Herefordshire, UK

I found Cupcake by Design on Flickr and was wowed by their amazing-looking cupcakes and the presentation. Feathers! It's like they're ready to make their Broadway debut. So today's Flickr spotlight features two different Flickr accounts, because Cupcake by Design is that cool. This one is their main Flickr account, and this one has some extras. Be sure to check them out. They're based in Herefordshire, UK, and do custom cupcakes, and write:

All our cakes are designed to match your personal requirements, colours and flavours, and are hand decorated with a wide variety of sprinkles, glitters and toppings.

Personally, I love all the elaborate chocolate designs, the fancy wrappers, and the glamour of these cupcake photos. They are what Cupcake by Design calls their "cocktail/designer cupcakes" and are available with liquers. Click here to see what they have to offer.

Tingling mint cupcakes with coffee bean cupcake

Wedding princess cupcake

A sumptuous chocolate cupcake, made more interesting with addition of liqueurs

Cupcake by Design
01432 357616
info at

A classic designer coffee liqueur cupcake


Deanna said…
I believe these are the most beautiful and elegant cupcakes I have ever seen!
Chase Clark said…
Oh man those cupcake liners are amazing! I made some fairy cakes for my stitch n' bitch group after reading your blog, so good! There's pics of them on my flickr here:
Thanks for all the inspiration!
susi said…
they literally make my mouth water! I'm drooling right now. Promise!!!
Michelle said…
Almost too pretty not to eat...
The Crafty Penguin said…
These are great - I love the wrappers and individual cupcake stands!