Thanks, Boston!

Well, I'm cupcaked out for now - I don't think I've eaten that many cupcakes in one weekend...ever? Maybe not ever, but there were a lot! I will wait for Jen from Beantown Baker to post her cupcake crawl wrapup, and will have video from our taste test today at Sweet. Thank you SO much to Sweet for your generosity. I seem to have bad Boston travel karma, but I'll definitely be back. I had to skip the Johnny Cupcakes cruise but if anyone went, I hope it was fabulous.

I will say that Boston bakeries sure know how to make a mean Boston cream pie cupcake! Here's the inside of one I had today at Sweet:

Next weekend I'm heading back to Minneapolis, and am looking forward to Cupcake Saturday from Miel y Leche at Mitrebox (click here to read our interview with baker Sheela Namakkal). I'm thrilled to see that Sheela has expanded her weekly cupcake offerings in the Twin Cities so you can get them Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with different flavors at each day/location, in addition to custom orders.

If there's any interest in doing a Minneapolis cupcake meetup next Sunday August 2nd in the early afternoon, I'd be up for that. Email cupcakestakethecake at if you're interested; if not, there's always next time. One of my favorite cupcakes ever is the s'mores one at Cupcake. Speaking of which, they had this one on their site, which kindof cracked me up - I know Cupcake is the name of their bakery, but still. What I really like is that they have food too; after spending two days eating almost nothing but cupcakes, I appreciate bakeries/restaurants that can supplement their sugary offerings with some salty/savory ones; it actually allows you to have more room for cupcakes!


Unknown said…
I've been looking forward to you writing about the Twin Cities! I can't quite figure out where the Miel y leche cupcakes can be found, but I'll keep exploring those links.

Smores from Cupcake? I had one last week. I guess we will need to agree to disagree. The cupcake (actually all six that I bought) were dry and only average tasting. I was so disappointed!!