Children's book Cupcake out in January

This children's book, Cupcake, by Charise Mericle Harper, doesn't come out until January but it looks so cute!

Description from Amazon:

Poor vanilla Cupcake. He's feeling a bit drab next to his fancy friends. But when his new pal Candle comes along with some fresh ideas, the two concoct a plan to become the snazziest duo ever found on a plate!

Harper also did the illustrations for Smart About Chocolate: A Sweet History, by Sandra Markle, which has, yes, a chocolate cupcake on the cover!


Bruna said…
How cute!
I'll save money to buy this book. Absolutely!

I love the blog. Keep writing about this lovely thing I love so much,

Kisses from Brazil!
this looks so cute!!!!

what a creative idea :)
JS Huntlands said…
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