"Cupcake Thief" episode of NCIS

I have never seen NCIS but I heard about this episode a while ago and finally found some clips on YouTube. You don't see the actual cupcake here, but it's a fun little segment that begs the question - what would you do to someone who stole your cupcake?


Rachael said…
lol too cute!
Jen said…
Cute clip! Hubby had a coworker who would always be throwing away food from the fridge in an effort to keep it clean. Well one day he threw Hubby's cupcake away. It was clearly marked and in tupperware and fresh. Hubby was upset, but I was livid!! He threw it away!?!? Who does that.
that was cute.

she was a lot nicer than i would be. my hub ate one of my cupcakes one day...let's just say a few choice words were shared. ;)
That was a hilarious episode, it was totally interspersed with her trying to find out who stole it and she even did things like she would for a real crime scene to find out who did it. I love that show, I think everyone should watch it. I got hooked last year during the whole strike fiasco lol