CupcakeCamp Belfast is organized by a 17-year-old

The Irish Times looks at this Saturday's CupcakeCamp Northern Ireland - see their official site for more details.

Now Belfast is poised to host Europe’s first ever Cupcake Camp, where cupcake-fanciers will gather for a day of baking, displaying, tip-swapping and, of course, devouring. More than 100 participants are expected at the sold-out event, which will be held on Saturday at the Blick Studios, an art gallery on the Malone Road in south Belfast. And it’s all been organised through the Twitter social networking site by 17-year-old schoolboy Ciaran Madden.

“I’m a tech, Twitter and internet junkie so when I heard about Cupcake Camp I thought, well why not? It’s an ad-hoc gathering. You bake the cupcakes at home, you bring them along, and you share them. That’s all there is to it,” says Madden.

But it’s not all cosy munching. As well as demonstrations from local professional bakers, there will be three strenuously-fought competitions at the camp: best overall, best decorated and best summer-themed cupcake. Judging criteria include “taste, aesthetics, thought process, use of seasonal ingredients, and special dietary requirement allowances”. Clearly, these people take their cupcakes seriously.


Destini said…
Wow! I'm taking notes. Here in Chicago it seems almost impossible to find a free venue.
If you can't find a free venue, find sponsors! And/or ask venues to let you hire for free in return for sponsorship on all your press materials. That's what we did for - we had very generous sponsors and were able to 'sell' tickets for free!

There's always a way...