Mini cupcake cups!

I have a lot to post later but now am baking cupcakes with our intern
Melissa - these are such cute mini cupcake cups!


queenscook said…
I can't speak for everyone, but cute as they are, I would never try to bake in them. Silicone bakeware is the worst. Contrary to what you would expect, everything sticks to them. In such a little container, you might lose half the cupcake.
Vanessa said…
you know I have a little mini pan and had no clue what to do with it lol... Hummm thanks will look into this :)
Rachel said…
I'm looking forward to what you do with these! I have some, but have never used them.

I don't know if is 'bake-legal', but I usually spray my larger silicone bakeware with non-stick spray before baking in them. It's harder to wash, but it doesn't make the goods stick to it!
Melissa Zhang said…
Hello ladies, thanks for the responses. :)

We did end up baking in these, using the same batter as we did for our regular cupcakes. You can see the results here:

I didn't have a problem with the cupcakes sticking to the container,but I felt like I should've adjusted the baking time and put less batter in each. Good luck with your own baking experiments!