Spotlight on Itsy Bitsy Bakeshop of Salem, Oregon

Speaking of Oregon, today's spotlight is on Itsy Bitsy Bakeshop, a custom cupcake company in Salem, Oregon. All photos are from their Flickr account. Their tagline is "Little Bites, Big Yum!" and you can also find them on Facebook. You can click here to see which flavors they offer.

Cupcake lollipops with vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting - they'll even customize the ribbon style and colors for events.
Their description: "Delicious cake and frosting on a stick, smothered in a chocolate candy coating, topped with candy sprinkle."

Eat Your Veggies Minis
Carrot cupcake with a decadent cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Meringue Better-Than-Pie
Lemon cupcake topped with a lemon curd and meringue frosting.

Buttercream daisy with a ladybug

Itsy Bitsy Bakeshop
Salem, Oregon
orders at


Vanessa said…
your so going to laugh at me lol..I am a VIRGIN at cucakes I want to make ButterCream Frosting to put on top of my Birthday Cupcakes any suggestions? I am having a cupcake party and ALSO having trouble finding cupcake Recipies any Suggestions there as well? I want all kinds so everyone who brings cupcakes brings diffrent goodies.
Hope you can help me