What makes a good frosting

From the article "Topped with sweetness, a cupcake is worth its calories" by Niesha Lofing in The Herald: - the piece doesn't mention frosting shots, though I am seeing them popping up at more and more bakeries. What I personally wish more bakeries served is mini cupcakes. I mean, I'm all for frosting but most of the time have to take a little of it off cause a little goes a long way (for me, obviously, for some people, there's no such thing as too much frosting!).

Does anyone truly eat carrot cake for any reason other than the slick of sinfully decadent cream cheese frosting on top? The cake has vegetables in it, for heaven's sake...

At Karen's, the frosting is Italian buttercream, whipped to an airy consistency and flavored with melted high-quality white chocolate.

The buttercream is used as a base for a host of other flavors, such as chocolate, mocha and fresh strawberry.

“I just want to eat it by the spoonfuls,” Burgess said of the bakery's frosting.
Eddy Van Damme, pastry chef for Texas-based Imperial Sugar, said quality ingredients are what make for fantastic frosting.

“Start off with good, natural ingredients, like butter and just natural sugar and natural vanilla,” he said. “I would not purchase artificial flavorings of any kind. … Why not spend that little extra money and get the real thing?”

Frosting flavors have started to evolve in recent years and now include imaginative additions such as passion fruit puree or green tea powder.

Van Damme combined blackberries and rose syrup to flavor frosting for a friend who wanted rose-flavored cupcakes for her wedding. The show-stopping frosting sat atop a traditional vanilla cake swirled with homemade blackberry jam.

“Whenever you work with rose, you have to do just a small hint, because there's a chance it will taste soapy,” he said.


Rita said…
I agree fresh natural ingredients make great frosting! Now all I can think about is cupcakes, I would like one of each mentioned and definitely would love to try the blackberries with rose syrup frosting.