$75 white truffle cupcake at More Cupcakes

I will post some of my More Cupcakes photos - I went there on Saturday but didn't get back on Sunday for their free cupcake giveaway, but did taste several during my visit. We'll have an interview with More owner Patty Rothman soon. In the meantime, follow them on Twitter (@morecupcakes).

From Grub Street Chicago:

From the twisted minds at More Cupcakes comes a wallet-baiting creation on par with a thousand-dollar pizza or $165 martini: the $75 white truffle cupcake. The savory creation is built on a base of white truffle-infused cake, topped with bacon frosting (of course) and crowned with a thorough snow of shaved fresh white truffles. If you set aside a mere five bucks a day, you'll have enough socked away by its debut in early October, at the start of white truffle season.