Cupcakes for Ramadan

Meredith Clifford, Sous Pastry Chef for Sugar Daddy's Bakery, which bills itself as "Dubai's hippest cupcake shop" on their Facebook page, wrote to let us know about their Ramadan cupcakes, which I think is a first on this blog. Here's what she wrote:

Ramadan is now in full swing, and we created three special flavors for the holiday. Our menu generally has very American flavors like peanut putter, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet (naturally), but we thought that this special month deserved tastes that are traditional to our Dubai location. Let us introduce our Ramadan flavors:

Qamar a Dream: based on a traditional Iftar beverage made from apricot leather, we have taken our signature vanilla sponge and topped it with apricot icing. We added finely chopped dried apricots to enhance the tartness in the frosting.

Arabian Delight: We created a pistachio sponge accompanied by a smooth buttercream that has a hint of orange blossom. The two flavors complement each other perfectly.

Blind Date: Tradition states that the Prophet Mohammad ate dates at the end of his fast, and the fruit is ever-present during the holiday. We have come up with a spice-filled date sponge that we frost with a swirl of cinnamon-flavored icing that has just a touch of coffee.

Ramadan cupcakes by Sugar Daddy's Bakery

You can also follow them on Twitter (@sugardaddysdxb).

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