Glamour magazine loves cupcakes and wants everyone in the world to know

Daniel Gross of Newsweek "The Cupcake Bubble" fame must be feeling pretty dead wrong right about now, seeing how everywhere I look a cupcake bakery is opening, cupcakes are being gobbled by celebrities, splashed onto headlines and now, major advertisements.

So, reporters, readers, everyone: Cupcakes are not a "trend." They are not just having a "moment." They are not just "hip" or "cool" or whatever stupid word du jour you want to conjure up for them. Our traffic is up, we add bakeries and Twitter listings almost every day. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE CUPCAKES. Deal with it!

Glamour magazine (which I subscribe to and eagerly read each month) is not afraid to show their cupcake love loud and clear, with a new ad campaign and cupcakes to ad agencies. Wonder where they're getting them from...any insiders, we'd love to see photos. We'll try to get our Fashion Week spies to get you the inside cupcake scoop.

From "Glamour Puts on a Happy Face to Attract Ads" by Stephanie Clifford in The New York Times:

Beginning this week, in tandem with Fashion Week, Glamour will court media buyers as it aims to get their clients’ ad dollars. On Thursday, it will deliver cupcakes topped with “Live for Glamour” to three New York media buying and planning agencies, Universal McCann, Mediaedge:cia and MediaVest, along with sending the sweets to clients nationwide. And a cupcake truck will drive around New York City, stopping at places like the Fashion Week tents in Bryant Park and Bloomingdale’s, offering cupcakes to the crowds.

Also on Thursday, “Live for Glamour” cupcake ads will be projected onto New York City stores, including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, and sites in the meatpacking district.

Glamour will put up billboards in Los Angeles, the home base for several fashion and beauty brands, and Detroit, where it wants to get the attention of car marketers. (Glamour has run a handful of car ads in recent months, but “we’d like to run more,” Mr. Wackermann said.) It will also put ads on taxi-top billboards and on wraps that go around the taxis.

We're not surprised Glamour is using cupcakes to lure readers. Way back in 2006, their beauty blog covered us and they've written about cupcakes many times online.

Some highlights:

"Afternoon Snack: Better-For-You cupcakes"

There's fun gossip, like designer Charlotte Ronson eats cupcakes and designer Thakoon had the cupcakes in the below photo backstage at a fashion show.

Here's what Margarita Bertsos wrote about one of our favorite bakeries, Butter Lane:

There were, of course, new treats: Our executive managing editor, Maria, brought in cupcakes from her new bake shop (she’s one of the partners) called Butter Lane.

On my second day of writing this blog, almost a year ago, I talked about my love of cupcakes. It’s intense. It’s real. It’s deep. And my cubemates (thanks guys!) have been licking their fingers (cupcakes for breakfast: best idea ever!) all morning. Apparently the chocolate is “orgasmic.” That’s a quote.

We even forgive Vitamin G for saying cupcakes are evil. To paraphrase Gossip Girl, we know you love them.


Unknown said…
I love Glamour's new ads using cupcakes. I wish I was going to be in NY for fashion week so I could get a cupcake that they are handing out there! Handing out free cupcakes is not a bad way to get people to know and like you...
Rosebud Designs said…
My Daughter and i have been making some delicious cupcakes we love them however it requires me to run a few extra miles at the gym :)