On getting a call from The Food Network about their cupcake reality show

Two Parts Sugar posted about their experience submitting to the cupcake show The Food Network is casting:

OK, I know it’s been a while since we have posted anything….but what a way to come back! So, yesterday I saw a posting on Cupcakes Take The Cake about an opportunity for a new Food Network series focusing on “extreme cupcakes”. I thought what the heck and sent in a brief description of Two Parts Sugar and what we do. I’ll be honest, after I sent it in I was checking my e-mail about every 2 min…expecting a rejection letter. Well, today at about 5:00 just as I was finishing up dinner with the girls (we had an early dinner cause my 3 year old had swimming lessons) when I got “the call”.

Peter (who was quiet funny) from The Food Network called and introduce himself. I didn’t really register when he introduced himself (I was still in mother-mode focusing on my girls) until he said he received my submission (mother-mode off!)….it then hit me and I began to pace (I get the pacing from my mom). He explained a little about the show and asked me to come in for an interview/audition! He explained what they were looking for and what I would be required to bring. OMG!

If you apply and heard about it from us, we'd love it if you'd tell The Food Network that (also, hi, Food Network, we'd love to be on your show!!).


twopartssugar said…
Hey! So cool! I will be sure to mention we heard about it from you guys and how great your blog is! Thanks for the post!
Cupcake Throwdown!!!