Kumquat Cupcakery's spectacular mini cupcakes

Kumquat Cupcakery cupcakes

New York mini cupcake entrepreneur Keavy Landreth (and friend and fellow Scorpio/November 10th birthday girl) of Kumquat Cupcakery dropped off these amazing cupcakes for me last week at an event. They were devoured very fast! I love her cupcakes and they are just the right size and the flavors are exquisite and varied.

Kumquat Cupcakery cupcakes

She's been doing a lot of catering too - check out these wedding cupcake photos from her blog:

She writes:

Let me tell ya, the bride and groom knew what they were doing when they picked out these flavors! I had no idea until I showed up in the space how well the colors were going to fit into the whole feel of the venue. It was absolutely gorgeous, and the sound of the rain under the clear heated tent adding a sense of comfort and nostalgia to the presentation.


Stephanie said…
Hey my birthday is November 10th as well. Maybe I'll get some cupcakes.
onamichin said…
Bralliz said…
Beautiful, i love cupcakes!
I would like these cupcakes for my birthday tomorrow , hihi*
xoxo alice♥