5 turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving

Turkey-shaped cupcakes for Thanksgiving. And yes, there's a lot of candy corn action going on here. And technically, yes, there are more than five turkeys here, but I meant five examples of turkey cupcakes, that just doesn't sound as good as a blog post title.

A pair of turkeys
by Jujycakes on Flickr

Turkey Cupcakes
by Dusti's Cupcakes on Flickr (idea from the cookbook Hello, Cupcake!)

Save the Turkeys Cupcakes
Also by Dusti's Cupcakes, made with paper scrapbook supplies by KI Memories for their site

by Bisayan lady on Flickr

Whole Foods Union Square turkey cupcake
I blogged this Whole Foods turkey cupcake last year but think it's too cute not to reblog.


JujyCakes said…
Rachel et al, thanks for the spotlight..they were so much fun to make...especially painting with gel coloring mixed with vodka!!!