Love Canada, hate poutine

I had one the best trips ever several years ago to Canada -- I went to the Maritime district, and ate and played all over...I had lots and lots of lobster, but one thing I couldn't stomach was poutine. Yecch. Regardless, I still love Canada and was happy to see the poutine cupcakes at CupcakeCamp Montreal.

poutine cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes by Natalie, shot by rwarren69.

And this shot of (former) baseball Expos mascot Youpi jumping out of poutine, which won for best Montreal theme cupcake by Michelle Wall of Clever Cupcakes, shot by rosy_outlook.

Clever always wins

And this one, also shot by rosy outlook, of poutine, Montreal's lunch on the run, made by Laura Carmosino and Pamela Anzovino:

Things are not always what they seem...

I'd much rather eat a cupcake made to look like poutine than the actual dish. Any other poutine-based cupcakes out there? Send them our way...


Unknown said…
What?! You don't like poutine?! It's so delicious! You should try it in Quebec before you write it off completely - that's its birthplace, and maybe the one you had wasn't.. right.

Also, those cupcakes look AMAZING. I'm sure that it would be super weird to eat something that looks like french fries, cheese curds and gravy, only to have it taste like cupcakes and candy, but I'd be willing to take that risk!!
Anonymous said…
Poutine is an amazing delight of fresh cheese curds and gravy atop perfect french fries... how could someone not love it? You should try it again, just to be sure!
Yummy Tummy said…
Thought you all may enjoy out poutine creation as well. Enjoy