Spotlight on custom cupcake company Treat

(I've updated this post to correct a few minor errors that were my fault.)

Today's Flickr cupcake photo spotlight is on Treat, whose Flickr photos can be found here. They are a new custom cupcake company and I immediately fell for their adorable, brightly-colored, creative cupcakes. How could you not? You can also follow them @treatNYC on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. You can contact Harley Scheck of Treat at treatnyc at

Treat logo

Captions/details from Treat.

signature cupcakes
Their signature cupcake: devil's food cupcakes, chocolate ganache & my signature red lips!

raggedy ann and andy
How cute is this story?
david and his girlfriend janna planned to dress up as raggedy ann and andy for halloween, what janna didn't know, was that david also planned on proposing halloween night! these cupcakes were the icing on top of an already memorable evening!

a cupcake a day...

muppety monsters
Muppety monster cupcakes for a kids' Halloween party

And a closeup on one of them:


iron cupcake: music : octopus's garden
This adorable octopus cupcake was made for Iron Cupcake Earth: Music. Classic chocolate genoise with vanilla sea salt buttercream for a classic Beatles song.

broccoli cupcakes
broccoli cupcakes for the drs. at columbia presbyterian hospital - by far the strangest request I've received! (Rachel's note: that's where I was born!)

bee cupcakes

bridal cupcake  trio
Bridal wedding cupcakes: chocolate cake with Italian meringue butter-cream, gum paste flowers.

And the one I (Rachel) most want to try...

chocolate banana cupcakes
chocolate banana cupcakes - mini banana cakes with chocolate ganache and bruleed banana


charlottepry said…
These cupcakes are gorgeous!!! I know for a fact that they're also delicious. Harley made cupcakes for our 40th anniversary party and they blew everyone away. The party had a 60's theme and the cupcakes were tie-dyed with peace signs, hearts and smiley faces. I'd never seen anything so creative. (Did I mention they were delicious?!)
Anonymous said…
great cupcakes!
~~~ said…

I want to eat the banana one right now.
~~~ said…