Unusual Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas


Thanksgiving is typically overlooked as a holiday for cupcakes in lieu of the two more accessible holidays it's sandwiched between. We've just covered Halloween, and the winter holidays are already peaking around the corner. But wait now, let's not let Thanksgiving just pass on by without due cupcake highlights!

Let me state that I love cute little turkey cupcakes as much as the next person, but sometimes my mind wanders into the even wilder possibilities of holiday themed cupcakes. Pictured above is a Stuffings and Mashed Potatoes "Cupcake" from The Ungourmet, who is also running a CrAzY CuPcAkE recipe challenge for anyone who's been itching to share his or her own unusual concoctions.

I'm a believer that any Thanksgiving pie can be pretty tasty in cupcake form as well-- i.e. sweet potato, chocolate pudding, pumpkin, so forth and so on. I'm game for trying a sweet potato cupcake recipe myself if I get around to it. What are your thoughts on incorporating cupcakes into a Thanksgiving meal?


Connie K said…
These's are so cool and i want one now (lol) great idea will have to try this
theUngourmet said…
It's so fun seeing my crazy cupcakes over here! Thanks for posting this! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D
p.u.who? said…
nom nom nom - a savory cuppycake. what a cute & fun seasonal idea. even the pickiest kiddies would try a dish presented like that!

good goin' ungourmet!
Unknown said…
What about a pumpkin shaped display of pumpkin cupcakes with maple syrup frosting? http://cupcakecentralblog.com/?p=402