2010 champagne and clock cupcakes

These champagne cupcakes are by blogger AliCakes, who writes:

Since champagne will be my drink of choice for the evening, I thought I'd give champagne cupckes a whirl. YUM! I think think they taste great, and I'm hoping my friends will, too. The cupcake itself is a sort of white cake mixed with champagne, and the icing is a basic buttercream recipe with some more champagne added. Once the cupcakes cooled, I also brushed some champagne on top of them to soak into the cake.

I found this idea out of the Martha Stewart Cupcake Book, but adapted it with chocolate numbers and clock hands instead of icing and photocopies.


Anonymous said…
Wow. Those cupcakes are super cute! Great idea!
Anonymous said…
Wow, those cupcakes look amazing! And they sound delicious! I'll have to look up that Martha Recipe!
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i like it!i love it!