Cupcake Land opening soon in La Habra, California

photo via the blog Saving The World One Cupcake at a Time, where Miss Dot applied for a job and is giddy with excitement over this new cupcakery.

It's unclear when they are actually opening; The Orange County Register reported they were opening January 4th. (Note to bakeries: We are seeing a LOT of places getting touted in the press with opening dates that are actually incorrect. This is not a good business move and won't endear you to customers. I'm looking at you, Red Velvet Lounge!)

Here are the cupcake fillings they offer (click for all cupcake flavors):

Chocolate Mousse
Chantilly Cream
Lemon French Cream
Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Fudge
Vanilla Icing
Hazelnut Cream
Cream Cheese Icing
Custard Cream
Chocolate Hazelnut
Cannoli Cream
Chocolate Pudding
Coco Loco (Coconut)
German Chocolate

Cupcake Land
1951 East La Habra Blvd.
Suite C
La Habra, CA 90631
design at


Miss Dot said…
WHOA! My post made it HERE?? Haha!! I just received a comment from someone saying they saw my post on Cupcakes Take the Cake but I didn't believe it. NEATO!! I feel like a celebrity :D
Alaina said…
I was so excited when i read the article about Cupcake Land in La Habra. I really thought it would be nice to support a lovely new business in La Habra so i planned for my Wedding Cupcakes to be done by them BIG BIG MISTAKE.
1st, there was no one available to provide the flavor options when I entered (new business is unorganized so i overlooked it) and the only person who can discuss orders is the proprietor Sandy Luna. She is very hard to get ahold of, I went into the store 3 times and left two phone messages over 1 1/2 weeks before she called me, she then said she had just gotten the message even though 2 employees each told me they had personally handed her the message. She should just apologize for not returning the call, don't make your employees look like liars to save your own face. Highly unprofessional.

We met with her, discussed the cupcakes and the price. Some cupcakes were to be filled and some were to be dairy free for my husband and his relatives who cannot eat dairy. However NONE of the cupcakes were filled and they were all displayed together so if there were dairy free ones there was no way to tell. Upon delivery they also overcharged and, along with my mother in law, caused a scene at my wedding and threatened to stand in the way of the procession if they were not paid.

We also orered a large cake sized cupcake for show when we cut the cake and it fell apart under the first cut!! Very very poor quality and service!! I suggest finding another more professional establishment.
Sonia Gallego said…
We had the unfortunate opportunity to do business with Sandy Luna from Cupcake Land in La Habra
Dishonest and unprofessional is an understatement.
We are a christian family with a small business ( We have gone above and beyond to help this woman. In good faith we design and printed her marketing material, signage, website, die cut business cards, banners and designed her logo and gave her a $2000 discount to help her in her new venture...we even printed 1000 free business cards to get her started...we gave her advice and let her know we where here to help... We gave her the merchandise upfront with a written agreement and payment plans set. After the initial payment she failed to make the payments and defaulted on our contract...she ignored our calls, I had to pretend I was someone else to finally get a hold of her, she talked her talk and promised to make good on her deal, she eventually went out of business and we are now stuck with the bill, I am not a mean person and don't wish bad things on anyone
but I am glad her company failed if anyone deserves it its her...we understand times are tough but her actions are childish and unprofessional. Small businesses like ours cannot not afford to take such financial losses as this one the money we lost from hit us pretty hard. We are very grateful for the work we do have and thank God for the honest people he has put in our path but remember sometimes the bad come in many forms such as Sandy Luna!!!