More Valentine's Day cupcakes

Adelanto San Valentin 2010

These Valentine's Day cupcakes are by Buenos Aires, Argentina cupcake company All You Need Is Cupcakes.

Some more of their Valentine's Day cupcakes:

All you need is love... and cupcakes!

And because all their cupcakes are so colorful and enticing, I'll add a few more non-Valentine's Day one from their Flickr account, just because.

Roy inspiration

Civil en violeta y verde

Para Princesas!

Mickey & Minnie
Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcakes


Here are their new flavors for 2010, via their blog:

Lemon Sorbet
Nuestro delicioso bizcochuelo de limon, relleno con crema de limon y creamcheese frosting.

Choco Lemon Sorbet
Nuestro opcional bañado en chocolate!

Orange whispers
Esponjoso y húmedo bizcochuelo de chocolate con cáscara de naranja y chocolate frosting.

All You Need is Cupcakes
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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