Tree Hugger apple cupcakes plus recipe


Java Cupcake just posted these beautiful apple cupcakes...and the recipe! Go to her site to read more and get the recipe. She writes:

The base of the cupcake was inspired by this Appledoodle Cupcake I found while browsing the Iron Cupcake Earth website.  I changed a few things and made it my own by adding sliced apple to the top of the batter before baking, then filling the cupcake with more apple and drizzling the buttercream on top with caramel.

photos via Java Cupcake apple cupcake Flickr set

THA 10

THA 13


Stacey said…
Just the name alone is adorable, and then they look sooo delicious. :)
Michael said…
This cupcake looks adorable! I would definitely give this one out a try. I like the crumbly texture of this cupcake as I am having difficulty on making the texture of my cupcakes look like this. I hope this recipe would be able to help me perfect my cupcake making. This cakes would definitely taste great when paired with coffee makde from my new krups coffee maker Thanks for sharing!
Lise said…
They look absolutely delicious, especially with all that yummy caramel!
Tatiana Landim said…
seems so delicious. and have wonderful colors.
This is incredible!!!

Thanks for posting my cupcakes on your blog!! It's been a dream to have one of my cupcakes here!

Thanks again!!

<3 Betsy
I tried my first apple cupcake a few months ago and fell in love! I think I might have to try this recipe.