10 kinds of Lost cupcakes

True confession: I've never seen Lost. I've actually never seen a lot of TV shows, but I know that Lost is super popular. I kindof keep up with a lot of pop culture via...cupcakes. Yes, it's true; when a movie or TV show are popular, people make cupcakes. Hence, this post full of Lost cupcakes. If you've made some, let us know (with photos/links!) at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com (we can't promise we'll be able to feature them but will do our best) - some of these are from years past but still worthy of checking out.

LOST cupcakes
by Lauren Anderson on Flickr

Lost Cupcakes
by katipeck via Flickr - her favorite show

Lost Confusing Cupcakes
Lost cupcake toppers by Bake & Destroy via Flickr

Food from the LOST party
by amber in norfolk on Flickr

via The Wunder Blog

Lost cupcakes
by Kitchen DoughDough for a Lost party (via Flickr)

by Divine Desserts in Laguna Niguel, California (via The Cupcake Activist)

Rutherford, New Jersey's Sweet Avenue Bake Shop had these Lost cupcakes in store yesterday and now has them via mail order:

We’re celebrating the final season of LOST with some awesome Dharma station cupcakes. The cupcakes available include a random assortment of Dharma station logos, including the Staff, the Swan, The Looking Glass, the Flame, the Orchid and more. Flavors are chocolate and vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.

Because I don't watch Lost, this one is lost (ha ha) on me, but it will hopefully make sense to viewers of the show. photo by brianna.lehman on Flickr

And these Lost cupcakes which we've posted before, but are worth posting again. by mrsballantino on Flickr


Pretty Zesty said…
aw I love the polar bear ahha. What a funny idea! I'd eat a Desmond cupcake myself.... since you don't watch, he's the hot Scottish dude. Who wouldn't want a piece of that? LOL!
Unknown said…
Simply amazing! I am so impressed! Love them, such artists!
Delicia de arte said…
maravilhoso! adorei! amo "lost"!!!! beijos
Cupcake Decorator said…
These are so creative. It's amazing what passion about a subject can create in cupcakes!