Cinnabon's Cinnacake Cupcake

cinnabon cinnacake classic

I'm here in Seattle, Washington previewing Cinnabon's new line of cupcakes. I will write a full post of the trip when I get back home to Brooklyn, but wanted to post one mouthwatering, drool-worthy photo.


Jenna said…
WOW, those look amazing!!
Anonymous said…
holy cow I want one now! are thay available nation wide now?!
Lise said…
I can almost see you up in Seattle from here! Enjoy your Cinnabon Cinnacake. They look lovely.
I live in the Seattle area and already tried and reviewed the Cinnabon cupcakes!

Check out my review, here:

<3 Betsy
oh PS.... are you going to be making any appearances at any cupcake stores in Seattle during your trip??

I'd love to meet you!

<3 Betsy
I can see how easily a cinnamon roll can transform into a cupcake. Same sort of item, just in a different shape. Can't wait to hear more about them!
I am a sucker for Cinnamon, these look so good!
A Cup Full of Cake said…
I want this recipe!! Any one trying to copycat it yet? Maybe I need to taste test to see if I can figure it out!