LA Cupcake Challenge: A Collage Of Minis

LA Cupcake Challenge

Hey Cupcake Lovers,

I got back home tonight from LA and started downloading photos from the LA Cupcake Challenge. It seems I took about eighty pictures. There were 40 cupcake contestants, and I am still feeling the sugar crash from Saturday night. Will post more this week. Thanks to Dan Silberstein of EatDrinkPlay for organizing the event. It was great to see Tara Settembre and Just Jenn. I also met several bakery owners and fans of Cupcakes Take The Cake. It was great!


Tara Settembre said…
Great seeing you Nichelle, it was a great surprise! My photos and post will be going up soon, just waiting on the final list of winners from Dan
My Site (click to edit) said…
I felt so sick after eating all of those cupcakes! These were some of my favorites