Speakeasy Sweets' Cocktail Infused Cupcakes

los angeles 059

Before leaving for the LA Cupcake Challenge, we got an email from one of the competitors, Speakeasy Sweets. Curious, I checked out their website and I was amazed to see that all of their cupcakes are infused with alcohol. Their two entries in the cupcake challenge was an Irish Car Bomb (Liam) and an Amaretto Sour (Luigi). I loved almonds, so I really liked the Luigi. The Liam was a little strong for me. Eating the cupcake was like taking a shot. Speakeasy sweets are very creative and would love to try more flavors the next time I am in LA.


Speakeasy Sweets said…
it was nice meeting you. next time youre in LA let me know :)