Valentine's Day cupcakes and Haiti relief cupcakes at Lola's Kitchen in London

London's custom dessert company Lola's Kitchen has cooked up some beautiful Valentine's Day cupcake offerings; see their site for details. Photos below via their Facebook page.

This tempting-looking one below is their Hazelnut for Haiti cupcake, for sale at Selfridge's, 100% of proceeds go to Haiti relief.

And while I'm posting about them, I couldn't resist sharing these images - they sell cupcakes literally on a cake (that is a first for me - I've seen coordinated cakes and cupcakes or a tower with a cake on top, and cupcakes below, but never cupcakes literally on top of a cake), as well as a giant cupcake cake:

Lola's Kitchen
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Anonymous said…
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cupcake cake!

Krista Cox - Sugarplum's Cupcakes, Kansas City