Hearts for Haiti fundraiser with Hello, Cupcake! and Iron Cupcake: Earth

All information below is from Hello, Cupcake! See their site and Iron Cupcake: Earth for details.

The survivors of the earthquake in Haiti are going to continue to need our help for along time. We have teamed up with Iron Cupcake: Earth to encourage bake sales for Haiti. We have also created this easy to decorate Hearts for Haiti cupcake to get you inspired. It is based on the Haitian flag and has a simple square of white marshmallow with a red heart shaped candy at the center. The directions for crafting Hearts for Haiti cupcakes is below. If you feel like getting really creative, Iron Cupcake: Earth challenges you to use ingredients inspired by Haiti in your cupcake recipe.
For complete Iron Cupcake: Earth rules and to get the Iron Cupcake: Earth button for your blog or web site go to:

A Hearts for Haiti poster design is available below to use at your bake sale or in advertising your bake sale. Feel free to copy it or if you are interested in a larger file size for printing please contact alan@hellocupcakebook.com. Please let us know how your bake sales are going, we think spreading the stories of successful sales will encourage even more folks to get involved.

Hearts for Haiti decorating instructions:

Bake cupcakes in silver foil liners.

1. Prepare frosting in two colors, medium blue and bright red. Place blue frosting in a microwavable bowl and heat until melted, about 20seconds, stopping to stir frequently. Frosting will be the texture of lightly whipped cream. Holding a cupcake by it's liner, dip the top of a cupcake in the frosting up to the edge of the paper liner. Lift the cupcake and let the excess run back into the bowl. Invert the cupcake and set aside to firm (about 15 minutes). Continue for remaining cupcakes. If frosting becomes too thick for dipping at any time return it to the microwave for a few seconds and stir to mix.

2. Once the blue frosting is set, place the red frosting in a microwavable bowl and melt as above. Holding cupcake by it's liner, dip only half of the top in the melted red frosting up to the edge of the paper liner. Lift and let excess run back into the bowl. Invert the cupcake and set aside to firm. Continue with remaining cupcakes.

3. Cut a 1" x 1/2" rectangle about 1/4" thick from a marshmallow. You will be able to get about four to six rectangles from one marshmallow.Place marshmallow rectangle in center of cupcake placing it horizontally on the border between the blue and red fields. Use a dot of frosting to attach a heart candy at the center of the marshmallow.
Tips for a successful bake sale:

If you plan carefully the bake sale will be a lot of fun and very effective. Be sure to delegate. Your bake sale will require four very distinct responsibilities, and you will need lots of help to make it successful.

1. A cupcake coordinator. This person is responsible for getting bakers lined up, coordinating recipes and designs, getting the cupcakes to the event, and making sure the table is re-stocked throughout the event. Be sure to keep the table fresh and appealing throughout the event.

2. An advertising coordinator. This person needs to get the word out about the bake sale. Personal media like blogs, TWITTER, and e-mail area great start but be sure to approach you local newspaper, radio, and community and church bulletin boards for support. Finding a local celebrity to promote or attend the event is a great help. Don't overlook such popular locals like your firemen, a favorite teacher, orthe mayor. Be sure to use our poster above and the Iron Cupcake: Earth Hearts for Haiti button available at the Iron Cupcake: Earth site to promote your event.

3. A financial coordinator. This person will be in charge of researching the charities, collecting the money and donations, and making sure all of the funds get to the chosen charities. Try to lineup matching support from local business or private citizens. A dollar for dollar bake sale match is a fantastic way to double your donation!

4. A people coordinator. This is the person that makes sure bodies hit the ground running on bake sale day. Getting the volunteers there on time and making sure you have enough people scheduled throughout the event is critical to a successful bake sale. Enlist from groups likes scouts, local schools, church, work, neighbors, and of course friends.Some schools even have programs that offer children extra credit for volunteer activities.

5. Have fun at your Hearts for Haiti event. Since the cupcakes will be based on flavors from Haiti, an island theme with Caribbean colors and music could get good response. Remind folks about all the wonderful things Haiti has to offer and why it is so important for us to continue lending a helping hand to our friends in Haiti.

Feel free to copy and paste this poster to promote your bake sale.


Andrew Sansone said…
Did you hear about this? A Haitian family who moved to Chile following the Haiti earthquake has survived the Chile quake as well. Unbelievable! I covered it on my show today. http://bit.ly/9Tl8dd
Jasmine Arroyo said…
hearts for haiti!
hello im 16 and from a small town in california, i recently decided to start a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake in haiti to recieve a house and clean water. thank you for the briliant idea on the bake sale! i will definetly be starting one in town soon with some friends.ill be sure to use your poster design.