Kosher for Passover cupcakes at cupcake bakeries

Lots of cupcake bakeries are doing kosher for Passover cupcakes (Passover starts tonight). This isn't a complete list, just what I gleaned from Facebook and newsletters and I'm sure I missed a few too, but wanted to get this posted in a timely manner. Are you selling Passover cupcakes? Leave a comment or drop us a line (and a photo!!) at cupcakestakethecake at - I personally feel like I can probably live without cupcakes over Passover because I eat a lot of them already but I think it's great that so many bakeries are doing them [Note: All these bakeries are also doing Easter cupcakes, see their sites, linked at right, for details].

Passover cupcakes available at:

Crave Cupcakes (Houston, Texas)

Crumbs Bakeshop (various locations) Update: CRUMBS Passover cupcakes are flourless for Passover, not Kosher for Passover.

Flour & Sun Bakery (Pleasantville, New York)

Sprinkles Cupcakes (various locations)

Tee & Cakes (Boulder, Colorado)

Blogger Baa, Baa, Cupcake, Have You Any Frosting? serves up a recipe for orange sponge cake cupcakes with glaze, pictured below.


Britt Tate Beaugard said…
Jilly's Cupcake Bar and Cafe in St Louis, MO will be having passover cupcakes for these current two weeks!!!
Esther Goldsmith said…
Thanks a lot for this info!!
I live in Argentina and I've just moved to one of the kosher apartments in Buenos Aires, so now I want to cook all the time!!!
Thanks again, my family is really happy thanks to you (LOL)

From Argentina,
Esther :)